Space Punks Amazon Underground

Space Punks is an addictive, fast paced, unique Puzzle Game that requires strategic thinking and visualization!
Go frenzy in over 90+ levels and wipeout the punks before they reach the earth! Get immersed in the stunning graphics with several hours of fun! Challenge your friends on the Leaderboard and unlock cool Achievements.

• PLAY IT ON THE GO: Awesome one tap strategic puzzle gameplay lets you work on your brain wherever you are
• ENDLESS SPACE: Try to reach 3 stars on all of the 90 levels
• HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED: Enjoy the deep and immersive space action gameplay with headphones on!
• PLAY IT WHERE YOU WANT IT: Easy to play anywhere, anytime with simple, one tap control mechanic
• TEST YOUR BRAIN: A space puzzle strategy game that encourages logical thinking and problem solving
• STUCK ON A LEVEL? Ask for help from your friends on Facebook or Twitter
• UNLOCKABLES ALL AROUND: Several unlockable power-ups will help you overcome the Punks such as plasma bomb, double shot, super tap and more
• VISUALIZATION! The punks will try to teleport or change their course to break your strategic plans. Visualizing their move and timing your tap is the key success!

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