Z Infinity Games (also represented as Z∞) is derived from a combination of 3D coordinates system and Mathematics. 'Z' axis is the third axis in a 3 dimensional space which represents depth & Infinity is the abstract and unbounded number greater than any real number.

Merging the two, ZINFINITY manifests to bring in an endless immersion, unbounded fun, and a first of its kind gameplay experience to its players that is everlasting!  


Words to emojis

One of the most thrilling & challenging emoji games of the year. Solve the given words, or sentence by picking the relevant emojis that is synonymous to the question and progress.

space punks

Experience an addictive, fast paced, Puzzle Game that gets you hooked in frenzy! Challenge your friends on the Leaderboard and unlock cool achievements and powerups to boost your progress.

dead count - zombie strike

   Welcome to the madness!
   Immerse    yourself   in    a    brilliant

   new    variant    of     tower    defence

   game. Protect   your   last   barrel  of

   Beer  from  the   Zombie   horde  and

   score on! 

Yonder up!

Play solo or compete with your friends in an immersive inter-galactic space adventure. Watch out for dangerous obstacles and time your flight. How far can you go?

Reflexa - auto selfie

With Reflexa, you can capture amazing selfies, creative gifs, reverse videos, emoji photos, automatic collage of your photos and a lot more. Your next best Selfie is now just a pose away!